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Welcome to Overland Park’s TMAFitness!

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Kickboxing + Boxing
Kickboxing + Boxing Fitness

Kickboxing Fitness

Add a little punch to your fitness plan with a fun and energizing Kickboxing + Boxing workout. Kickboxing + Boxing provides the heart-healthy benefit of cardio exercise while offering the gains in agility, strength, balance and coordination that can be achieved through martial arts training.

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Martial Arts
Martial Arts: Korean Karate

Traditional Karate

Want to get in great shape while learning self-defense and discipline? Unlike conventional workouts, Martial Arts allow you to develop a mental and physical skill set that benefits all areas of life. Classes are open to men, women and children. Martial Arts classes are fun, friendly and safe.

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Boot Camp
Boot Camp Fitness

Strengthen & Tone

Whether you’re in great shape or have never worked out a day in your life, we will help you get the results you want in our fitness Boot Camps. Unwanted pounds will melt away while you gain strength and stamina. Fitness Boot Camps are your way to a healthier, more active lifestyle.

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Karate Kids
Karate Kids is About Life Skills

Life Skills

Karate Kids is a fun and engaging program. Karate Kids is the perfect balance of skills, discipline and structure mixed in with age-appropriate activities to keep it exciting. Based on traditional martial arts, Karate Kids is more than just punching and kicking, it’s about life skills.

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