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Punch and kick your way to the best shape of your life! Kickboxing + Boxing is a fast-paced workout where you’ll be on a punching bag delivering combinations of jabs, crosses, uppercuts, kicks, elbows and a flurry of other techniques. All of the techniques are right out of our martial arts program and are practiced in a fun, safe manner.

You’ll come for the workout and stay for the fun! The music is intense. The members are fun and supportive. The results are rewarding. At TMAFitness we pride ourselves in the details. Working with each member to ensure individual’s goals are met is our top priority.

The benefits of Kickboxing + Boxing are many. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, increase endurance or gain some muscle, Kickboxing + Boxing will deliver the results you want. No two classes are the same. Each class will shock your body with varied routines consisting of bag work, strength and endurance training, and conditioning to ensure your hard work is rewarded with results.