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Personal Training – Staying Strong

Staying Strong – Functional & Mobility Training

Staying Strong is a functional fitness program designed over the last 10 years to improve balance, core strength, flexibility and mobility. Staying Strong is an entry level fitness program geared to those wanting to get started on their way to a more active lifestyle. Whether you’re battling cancer, chronic illness or simply wanting to improve your everyday activities, Staying Strong provides the personalized attention needed to start your journey.

Classes are an hour long with an emphasis on personal instruction. Members train at their own level and engage in exercises appropriate for their ability and goals.

Is Staying Strong Right for You

Melissa Davis, Founder of Staying Strong

Melissa Davis, Staying Strong

Staying Strong is open to anyone wanting to begin their journey to improved wellness. Workouts are supportive, motivating and most importantly, rewarding. Participants include those battling cancer, Parkinson’s, cystic fibrosis and other challenges. Everyone shares a common thread of wanting to improve, maintain an active lifestyle and support others in their journey. Try a free class and see how Staying Strong can benefit you.

Quality Instruction if the Difference

Melissa Davis developed and teaches the Staying Strong program. Melissa is an IWA Certified Weight Trainer and a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist through the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. She earned her Black Belt in 2010. Melissa works with cancer survivors at Cancer Action and Turning Point in the areas of exercise and wellness.

Melissa’s passion is helping those who are battling cancer and other chronic illnesses. Melissa works with those in all stages of treatment. She addresses individual’s needs through core stability, balance, and strength training while keeping their overall health and well-being in mind.

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