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Mindful Defense™ Self-Defense Training

Mindful Defense™ Self-Defense Training

Benefits of Mindful Defense™

  • Effective Self-Defense for All Skill Levels
  • Learn to Detect & Avoid Threats
  • Open to Women, Men & Teens
  • Classroom & Online Training

Mindful Defense™ Self-Defense Training

Mindful Defense™ is a comprehensive self-defense training program. Mindful Defense™ will give you the tools to evaluate your everyday actions and develop a personal protection plan around your specific circumstances. You will learn how to evaluate past experiences so you can be better prepared when facing similar circumstances in the future.

Mindful Defense™ is intuitive. By making small changes in the way you process information, Mindful Defense will transform your mindset and integrate personal protection into your way of life.

Mindful Defense™ Level 1: Self-Defense Mindset

The Mindful Defense™ Level 1: Self-Defense Mindset course focuses on mindset and situational awareness. Mindset and situational awareness are two of your most powerful weapons when it comes to self-defense. This self-defense course focuses on recognizing, avoiding and de-escalating dangerous situations before they become a physical encounter. It is much easier to recognize and avoid danger than it is to prevail in a physical confrontation. Participants will be given the tools to develop a self-defense plan tailored to their unique set of circumstance. Topics include:

  • Crime Triangle: understand what is necessary for a crime to take place and how to become a hard target.
  • Mindset & Intuition: develop a self-defense mindset which will give you the tools to act on your intuition.
  • Situational Awareness: learn to be aware of your surroundings and what to look for in order to stay safe.
  • Color Codes: color codes provide an easy to implement system for staying alert and knowing what to do and when.
  • Attack Indicators: learn 7 of the most common things a criminal will do before an attack. Avoiding a confrontation is a lot easier than winning one.
  • RADAR Loops: learn how to recognize danger, process attack indicators and de-escalate situations.
  • Building Your Situational Database: analyze real-world events to learn how to better deal with similar situations in the future.

Mindful Defense™ Level 2: Self-Defense Combatives

The Mindful Defense™ Level 2: Combatives course is a “hands-on” self-defense course which teaches simple blocks, strikes and tactics that can be effective in real-world encounters. Participants will learn to apply techniques regardless of disparities in size and strength. Topics include:

  • Attack Indicators: know what actions an aggressor will take leading up to an attack
  • Expectations: discussion of potential and desired outcomes of physical encounters
  • Reaction State: understand your natural startle reaction and how to use this response to your advantage
  • Targets: what areas to strike and how they affect the ability of your attacker
  • Tactics: learn how to position, mask and load strikes to maintain the element of surprise and reaction time advantage
  • Strikes: learn and practice simple, yet effective strikes that can be used against an attacker regardless of size or physical ability
  • Defense: learn how to use your natural reaction response to defend against common attacks
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